Maciej Czekaj

Maciej Czekaj

Relationship coach. Author of DSR® communication method. Teaching and writing books since 2005.
Helping men to take back control of their lives, relationships, career and happiness.

Meet your coach

I believe that every person has two stories. First story. This is this regular everyday story, which we all have – a standard...

Why adventurous team building

Maybe some of you already learned of the team-building effect of an adventure in the wilderness. While sailing through the Mediterranean Sea each...

Your benefits of using DSR

Why should you learn to communicate better? Below you can find gains when you use different communication styles. Styles which are an essential...

Relationship Coaching prices

Relationship Coaching is executed with DSR method (Provocative, Inquiring, Metaphorical and Winning Coaching) and supplementary coaching methods. If not stated in the service...

DSR open trainings

Accessible trainings and training levels in DSR method After finishing DSR Practical Level Trainings you will know how to use 100 different communication...

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Communication workout with Maciej


Working Communication (PL)

DSR model description

Become Her Obsession (PL)

Better intimacy with better communication

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