Maciej Czekaj

Maciej Czekaj

DSR Rejection Coach. Author of 2 books about communication. Learn how to change their No into Yes with our DSR Rejection Coaching free online training program on

sleight of mouth

Sleight of Mouth – what is it?

Sleight of Mouth is an NLP communication model. It is a system of linguistic patterns that aim to change someone's opinions and beliefs...

rejection coaching, no to yes

DSR Rejection Coaching – what is it?

It doesn't matter if you are selling, climbing an organizational ladder, seeking renown on social media or success in intimate relationships. Every time...

Your benefits of using DSR

Why should you learn to communicate better? Below you can find gains when you use different communication styles. Styles which are an essential...

Coaching and Training Prices

All prices are gross, without VAT / MwSt. German tax law applies. Individual coaching or consultancy work DSR Rejection Coaching - individual coaching...

DSR Open Trainings

Accessible trainings and training levels in DSR method After finishing DSR Practical Level Trainings you will know how to use 100 different communication...

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